Got your Wi-Fi network all set up? Now its time to give your wireless network a good WiFi name. For all Harry Potter fans around the world, we have compiled a list of best Harry Potter WiFi names for your wireless router SSID.

I am also a huge fan of the Harry Potter movie series just like you. I even have the Harry Potter book set that I read whenever I go to my bed. Potter movie series is loved by individuals of all age groups due to its fascinating storyline and characters.

Fan love to have merchandise related to Harry Potter characters. Many of my friends have a nice collection of T-Shirts, Pens, Book Covers, Laptop Skins etc. Then why not have an awesome WiFi name related to the Harry Potter movie series to show your neighbors how a die-hard fan you are.

Harry Potter WiFi Names List

Not to mention our Harry Potter inspired Wi-Fi names are the best on the internet. I have curated these best Wi-Fi names from Harry Potter Redditt pages, so they are of high quality and with some meaning.

Latest Harry Potter Book Set
This Is The Harry Potter Book Set I Was Talking About

By the way, if you are also a fan of GOT and Star Wars movies than you can check out our Game Of Thrones Wi-Fi Names collection and Star Wars Wi-Fi Names collection on this Website. All the names are free to use and always will be.

Let’s sprinkle the MAGIC… And Spell The Magic Wand.. 

Best Harry Potter Wi-Fi Names Collection From Hogwarts

Maybe you like one or all. But at a time your WiFi SSID can have only one name. So choose from the below list of Potter Wi-Fi names and make it your wireless network name.

If you don’t know how to change Wi-Fi name of your router then I also have a detailed guide to do that on this website(click the above link or navigate to MORE on the menu to find it)

So let’s spell “alohomora” and open the doors to our best funny Wi-Fi names collection.

Best Harry Potter Wireless SSID names

Harry Potter Movie Wi-Fi Names List

Hogwarts WiFi Names List


I hope you guys loved the list of Wi-Fi names inspired by the Harry Potter movie. Let me know which Wi-Fi name you picked up for your wireless network SSID. Just drop in the comments below.

It’s sad that the Harry Potter series has ended but it will be in our hearts for years. This Wi-Fi name compilation is a small tribute to the greatest movie series of all time that has entertained us.

Do Share this page with other Harry Potter fans in your friend circle or in your Facebook friend list. Also, do not forget to drop any unique Wi-Fi names you think of which is related to the Harry Potter movie. Evanesco

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