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Last Update: Jan 1st, 2021

700+ Best Funny and Awesome Wi-Fi Names & Puns List 2021: Okay! Let me guess. You just got your new Wireless Network Router, and you are looking for some Cool and Creative Wi-Fi names? Or maybe you are just bored with your default Wi-Fi name that your Internet Service Providers (ISP) gave you and want to get creative with it?

I have got your back. This website will be your WiFi Names Best Resource to come to.📡👌

Nowadays we all have the wireless internet connection at our home. When you first install your Wi-Fi Router the Wi-Fi Name also known as router network SSID is set to default. By default, I mean the name of the router’s manufacturer.

So let’s say if I got a router and the manufacturer is NetGear, my default Wi-Fi name will be something like “NetGear”. I know you got the point.

Two things come to my mind when I think about default Wi-Fi router name, and they are:

1.They are annoying and ugly.

2.If you live in a neighborhood where almost every house has a wireless internet connection and have a default Wireless Router Name, then there is a big possibility that more than 2 Wireless Connection may have the same name altogether. And that creates confusion. Maybe most of you experienced this already.

Why keep that boring & confusing name when we have a list of unique Wi-Fi names curated just for you. If you take some time and browse our site you will find some Best Wi-Fi names ideas.

These Funny Wi-Fi names for your wireless internet connection router will shock your neighbors or nearby freeloaders.

Trust me these best and funny WiFi names are even not available on Reddit. Hell Ya! We have a vast collection. You may want to bookmark this page in case you want to revisit us for more Wi-Fi names.

You can also use these Best Wi-Fi names in your Mobile phone hotspot.

Okay! It’s too much of BS. Let’s start and see what we have for you in our Great Wi-Fi Names Treasure Box. Do not forget to share our website with your friends on Facebook. I would greatly appreciate if you do.

Best Funny WiFi Names List 2018 2019

700+ Best & the Funniest Wi-Fi Names in 2021 to Shock Nearby Freeloaders & Even Your Neighbors

For those of you who don’t know how to change WiFi names of a router, we have a perfect and detailed guide for you. This guide will show you how you can modify wireless network SSID name & password if you want to by following just a couple of steps and in seconds.

After reading the above how to change network name guide, you will never forget it, as its very simple.

The list of the best WiFi router names is updated often, and we add more value to it. So please be patient in case you are not able to find the name that perfectly suits you.

Teens and youngsters will definitely like our list of WiFi names 2021, and we do have names that suit your personality. If you are a geeky type see our list on Geeky WiFi Names. If you are clever type than you must check our Clever Wi-Fi names list. If you think you are a cool dude here we go we have some Cool Wi-Fi names for you.

Before we dive into the Ocean of WiFi SSID, let me tell you something about WiFi Names Generator.

Best WiFi Names Generator: Are They Worth Your Time?

WiFi Names generator tools are not that good. They just merge up your input and make a weird name out of it. Will you like to call your Wi-Fi as “Aledumb”. Yep, that’s the name I got when I tried a WiFi name generator online and it does not make any sense.

So it’s not worth your time. There is no guarantee that you will find a perfect name for your WiFi after hundreds of tries. So better not go for those tools. And that is also the reason we don’t have those type of WiFi names generators on our website.

So, as I now have given you lots of information around WiFi Names and if you are wondering what does wifi stand for than its short form for Wireless Fidelity. Let’s have a look at our latest WiFi names list in 2021.

And Yes! I will list some Wireless Names under each category and will give you the link of more names from the same category. I thought this would be more convenient for you guys to select names.

Best Wi-Fi Names For Your WiFi Router

No doubt when you hear something like “That Was Cleaver”, “That’s Extremely Cool”, “How Did You Even Think About That Name” from your neighbors or friends you feel fantastic.

Be prepared to have those appreciations. Because I am sure, someone will like your WiFi name from our list of best WiFi network names when you broadcast it. Here are some WiFi Names Suggestions that your Internet Service Providers never told you.

We have got some good list of Rick & Morty WiFi Names too. do not forget to check them out.

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101+ Best Wi-Fi Names Collection for Your Router SSID 2021

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Best WIfi Names Ever

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101+ Cool Wi-Fi Names SSID For Your Wireless Network 2021

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Cool Wifi name list

Cool Wi-Fi Names List for Friends

If this heading catches your attention, I assume you are a Cool type person. Here are some Cool Wireless Network SSID names for your router.

Nerdy Wi-Fi Names to Shock Your Friends

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Nerdy WiFi Names: 101+ Wireless Router & Network SSID

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Latest Nerdy Names List

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Funny Wi-Fi Names : List Of 101+ Router Network SSID 2021

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Funny WiFi Names List 2021

Funny Wi-Fi Names Collection for Router’s SSID 2021

Our funny WIFi network names list is too funny. Humour is a good thing that makes people laugh and have some happy time. Why not spread some laughter in your neighborhood? You are doing a good job. Go for it.

Clever Wi-Fi Names List for Network SSID

I know most of you are a fan of Movies like Harry Potter, GOT, Stars Wars, etc. I now present you some of the epic Wi-Fi names straight out of those movies.

It takes a lot to curate the Wi-Fi names that we are presenting here. Do support us by sharing our website with your friends on Facebook or whatever social network you use.

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150+ Best Clever Wi-Fi Names Collection for Your WiFi Network

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Best Harry Potter Themed Wi-Fi Names for Your Network SSID

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Harry Potter Wi-Fi Names List for Network SSID

Harry Potter movies have made millions of fans. There is a crazy number of fans around the globe. I know a friend of mine who is a diehard  Harry Potter fan. His room is full of Harry Potter movies posters. Not only that he has the same wallpaper on his laptop. And yes you guessed it right. His WiFi Network Names is related to Potter Movies.

Star Wars Wi-Fi Names for Your Network SSID

Ohh… I love Star Wars movies. And it is impossible for me to not throw some names from it. Star Wars fans know what I am feeling right now. These Star Wars WiFi names are some of the best in this category. Have a look:

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Star Wars Wi-Fi Names For Your Network SSID

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Star Wars WiFi Names Collection

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Game of Thrones Wi-Fi Names For Router Network SSID

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Game of Thrones Wi-Fi Names Puns for Router Network SSID

The most viewed TV series in 2018. GOT has got the attention of many individuals around the world and have a huge Fan following. Some people eat and sleep GOT.

Many die-hard Fans will surely love to have their Wifi Names from Game Of Thrones series. If you are the one looking for the same we have got a list for you. Check out these Game Of Thrones Wi-Fi names & puns:

Game of Thrones Wireless Names for Your Router SSID

Marvel Wi-Fi Names Puns List 2021

Marvel Spiderman Wi-Fi Names Puns List
Best Funny Disney WiFi Names 2020

Funny Disney WiFi Names for Wireless Router SSID

Any Disney Pixar fans here? I bet there are many. So here is the list of Funny Disney WiFi Names for your Wi-Fi router.

The Office Themed WiFi Names List

I your quest for the Best Funny WiFi Names over? If not we have more on our site, browse and do not forget to bookmark our website.

Funny Wifi Names


Over To You…​

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I know its too much to choose from, but I want to list all of them in one place. This is like WiFi Names Wikipedia. Also, you may want to get a new WiFi name in future this is the place you should come to.

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