Introduction To This Website:

Hi there! I’m Sam, the founder, and editor behind Best Funny WiFi Names.

This website contains a comprehensive list of WiFi names on the internet. I curate the Best WiFi Names that can be used to deliver a message or just a show-off.

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About Me:

I’ve been fascinated with computer networking and WiFi technology since getting my first computer as a kid. I loved messing around with the settings, optimizing the connection speed, and of course, changing the WiFi network name to something clever and funny.

As I got older, I pursued my passion and earned a degree in Computer Networking. For the past 10 years, I’ve worked as a Network Engineer, managing enterprise WiFi networks for businesses. This involves designing, configuring, troubleshooting, and securing wireless networks.

In my spare time, I enjoy coming up with funny, unique WiFi SSID names. It’s a creative outlet from my day job. I started sharing my ideas with friends and family, who got a kick out of connecting to networks like “Mom! Reset the WIFI” and “FBI Surveillance Van #492”. Their reactions inspired me to create Best Funny WiFi Names.

My goal is to provide a crowd-sourced database of funny, nerdy, pop culture etc. related WiFi names that people can browse for inspiration. This is a passion project for me, combining my professional background in networking with my personal interest in comedy.

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Professional Qualification:

I have several qualifications that reflect my expertise in computer networking:

  • Certified Network Engineer from the Computer Society of the IEEE – Earned in 2015, renewed annually. This provides extensive knowledge of enterprise networks.
  • Certified Wireless Network Administrator from the Professional Wireless Networking Association – Obtained in 2018 and valid for 5 years. This covers advanced WiFi system design.
  • CompTIA Network+ Certified since 2019. I stay current on networking technologies and best practices through continuing education.
  • An avid reader of publications like Network World, Wired, and IEEE Spectrum to continuously expand my knowledge of computer networking and WiFi technology.
  • Right now i am working as a Network Engineer at Success Computer Consulting

Certificates & Recognition:

  • Best Network Design Award – International Association of Computer Network Architects (2017, 2020)
  • Excellence in Wireless Networking Award – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (2019)
  • Professional Google Cloud Network Engineer Certificate – Google Cloud Certifications
  • CCNA Routing And Switching Certification – Cisco Certifications (2016)

Why I Created This Website? – Motivation

There is a short story about launching this blog. Actually, a few months ago I was sitting in KFC near my area. My mobile data got burned out and so I thought to connect to an open WiFi spot if available. And there is one.

But Wow, I saw the name of that WiFi signal and it was hilarious “I am sitting just back of you” and I literally looked at my back lol. Now, whenever I go outside I open my WiFi on my phone to see if there are other creative people around, you know what I mean.

So that’s how this blog started.

How Can You Benefit From This Website?

  • Save hours of time trying to brainstorm clever and funny WiFi names
  • Browse hundreds of WiFi network name ideas inspired by pop culture, nerdy jokes, and more
  • Get instructions tailored for home users on how to easily change your WiFi name
  • Learn how to customize your SSID on any router brand and operating system
  • Discover the ideal router settings to optimize network speeds while using a custom WiFi name
  • Find specific name suggestions sorted by categories like movies, video games, sports teams, etc.
  • Access a crowd-sourced database of funny WiFi names all in one place

In summary, this website provides inspiration and knowledge to customize your wireless network name for free!

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I hope you find this website helpful for coming up with clever, funny and creative WiFi names! Please have a look around at the different name categories and contact me if you have any suggestions for new WiFi names or topics you’d like covered. Don’t forget to share your favorite names from Best Funny WiFi Names on social media!

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