When it comes to creative and nostalgic references, Broadway musicals are hard to beat. So what could be better than using Broadway-themed WiFi names to showcase your love of show tunes? As someone who adores shows like Wicked, Hamilton, and Dear Evan Hansen, I always get excited when I connect to networks with great wifi names from my favorite productions.

For any theater buff, Wifi names like Defying Gravity, You’ll Be Back, or Sincerely Me are sure to bring a smile. Other great options could include lyrics from showstoppers like Seasons of Love from Rent or Memory from Cats. Even the title of a show like Mamma Mia or Chicago makes for a clever wifi name.

Broadway Themed Wifi Names

Whether you name your Wifi network after an iconic song, character, or musical, Broadway-themed WiFi names allow you to proudly display your passion for theater. Whenever someone new connects, it can stir up a conversation about favorite casts, scores, and productions. So consider paying homage to your most-loved show tunes with these perfect wifi names inspired by your favorite Broadway shows.

Make Theater Fans Smile with Broadway WiFi Puns

One fun way to display your love of musical theater is through your Broadway WiFi network name. Choose clever plays on show titles, character names, lyrics, and other theater references. Something of that sort is sure to make fellow theater buffs chuckle when they see your wireless network name pop up. Puns show your wit and allow you to demonstrate your depth of Broadway knowledge.

  • Wicked/Wireless
  • Phantom of the Wifi-ra
  • Les Miséra-ble Connection
  • Defying Graviti-Fi
  • WiFi Could Have Danced All Night
  • Router Where It Happens
  • The Book of MorMon
  • OklahoWiFi
  • WiFly King

Combining fun Broadway puns into your cool WiFi name is a great way to show off your musical fandom. You will bring a smile to the faces of friends and guests who appreciate a bit of wordplay humor.

WiFi Names Inspired by Iconic Broadway Characters

  1. AHamToRemember
  2. ElphabaCanYouHearMe
  3. RoseTurnOnYourWiFi
  4. MariaMarryTheWifi
  5. ÉponineTheWiFiIsYours
  6. DancinThroughTheRouter
  7. SweeneyToddlerConnect
  8. TheWifiOfOz
  9. MasterOfTheHouseWifi
  10. JavertBelieveMyWiFi
  11. BringHimHomeWifiNetwork
  12. DoYouHearTheLANPeopleSing
  13. WiFiveSchuylerSisters
  14. MyFairLANdy
  15. WickedWitchOfTheRouter
  16. DefyingGravitiFi
  17. PhantomOfTheWifi
  18. MissSaigonSignOn
  19. CATScratchFever
  20. TheWifiManCometh
  21. OklahomaIsOKWifi
  22. FiddlerOnTheWiFi
  23. There’sNoLANLikeHome
  24. HelloDollyLevi
  25. TomorrowIsAWifiAway

Stand Out With These Creative Broadway-inspired Wifi Names

Broadway Inspired Wifi Names
  1. LANdonCalling
  2. PhantomOfTheRouter
  3. RouteWhereItHappens
  4. SeasonsOfStreaming
  5. WifiCouldHaveDanced
  6. CATScratchWiFire
  7. RicohetWifi
  8. DefyingGravitiFi
  9. HotspotLikeAnEgyptian
  10. WeBeBroadband
  11. RoseTurnOnYourWiFi
  12. MasterOfTheHouseGuests
  13. OklahoWiFi
  14. MemoriesOfLAN
  15. TheSchuylerSistersSignal
  16. TomorrowIsAWifiAway
  17. NoLANForOldMen
  18. TheWifiManCometh
  19. WifiSquarePants
  20. ElphabaCanYouHearMe
  21. WirelessBelles
  22. JavertBelieveMyWiFi
  23. DancinThruTheRouter
  24. WiFlyKing
  25. CircleOfWifi

Broadway SSID Ideas for Theatre Fans’ WiFi Networks

  1. PhantomOfTheRouter
  2. RoseTurnOnYourWiFi
  3. TomorrowIsAWifiAway
  4. SeasonsOfStreaming
  5. LANdonCalling
  6. CircleOfWifi
  7. HotspotLikeAnEgyptian
  8. CATScratchWiFire
  9. OklahoWiFi
  10. WeBeBroadband
  11. WifiSquarePants
  12. NoLANForOldMen
  13. JavertBelieveMyWiFi
  14. WirelessBelles
  15. DancinThruTheRouter
  16. ElphabaCanYouHearMe
  17. TheSchuylerSistersSignal
  18. MasterOfTheHouseGuests
  19. RouteWhereItHappens
  20. WifiCouldHaveDanced
  21. MemoriesOfLAN
  22. DefyingGravitiFi
  23. RicohetWifi
  24. TheWifiManCometh
  25. WiFlyKing

Fun Broadway References for Wireless SSIDs

Broadway Themed Wifi Name
  1. WickedWireless
  2. PhantomOfTheWifiRa
  3. Les MisérabLE Connection
  4. DefyingGravitiFI
  5. CATScratchFever
  6. TheBookOfMorMon
  7. OklahoWiFi
  8. WiFlyKing
  9. RoseTurnOnYourWiFion
  10. ElphabaCanYouHearWiFi
  11. TomorrowIsAWiFiAway
  12. SeasonsOfStreaming
  13. LANdonCalling
  14. WeBeBroadband
  15. MasterOfTheHouseGuests
  16. CircleOfWiFi
  17. MemoriesOfLAN
  18. TheSchuylerSistersSignal
  19. DancinThruTheRouter
  20. WifiCouldHaveDanced
  21. JavertBelieveMyWiFi
  22. NoLANForOldMen
  23. RouteWhereItHappens
  24. AHamToRemember
  25. WirelessBelles

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Broadway-themed WiFi names are a great way to show your love of musical theater. When you name your wireless network after a favorite musical reference, it lets you get creative.

Maybe you’ll use a punny lyric. Or the name of an iconic character. You could even just use the title of a Broadway hit. Use the Broadway themed Wi-Fi name that you like, no boundaries!

These clever SSIDs will make fellow theater fans smile when they connect. Broadway-inspired WiFi names help your network stand out, too. No more boring router names.

So consider a show-tune theme the next time you reset your wifi name SSID. Broadway references let you express your fandom in a fun way. It gives your wireless network some razzle-dazzle. Your WiFi can belt out some Broadway flair.

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