Growing up, I always loved playing Warcraft games on my computer. When my family finally got wifi installed in our house, I begged my parents to let me name our network something related to Warcraft.

They reluctantly agreed to let me have my way and choose cool Warcraft wifi names.

After much thought, I decided to name our network “Orgrimmar” after the mighty Orc capital city. I figured any fellow Warcraft fans in the neighborhood would get a kick out of seeing that pop-up when they searched for wifi networks.

To me, it represented my love for the Horde faction and the many hours I spent questing through Durotar and the Barrens.

Warcraft Wifi Names

Other creative Warcraft wifi names I considered were “Stormwind“, “Thunder Bluff“, and “Sylvanas“.

My parents drew the line at naming our network after the undead banshee queen, worried that it might not be a family-friendly wifi name!

In the end, I was thrilled when “Orgrimmar” showed up on my friends’ phones and laptops when they came over. It was my small way of proclaiming my allegiance to the mighty Horde and the world of Azeroth that I loved.

Create Your Own Clever Warcraft-Inspired Wifi Names

Looking to change your boring wifi network name to something more exciting? What about something inspired by the coolest fantasy gaming franchises – Warcraft?

Naming your wifi after favorite characters, locations, factions and more from World of Warcraft is a great way to show off your gamer cred.

Some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Use names of major characters like Thrall, Jaina, or Sylvanas
  • Reference famous cities like Orgrimmar, Stormwind, or Dalaran
  • Pick zone or region names like Durotar, Zangarmarsh, or Grizzly Hills
  • Use faction names like Horde, Alliance, or Scourge
  • Create funny puns and memes from the games
  • Combine multiple Warcraft terms for unique names

With an endless list of places, characters, factions, and lore to draw from, you’re sure to find the perfect nerdy and clever wifi name to represent your love of Azeroth. Time to log on and start collecting those Warcraft Wi-Fiachievements“!

Wi-Fi Names After Legendary Warcraft Characters and Heroes

Warcraft themed Wifi Names
  1. TheLichKing
  2. ForTheHorde – Thrall
  3. HearthstoneHero – Medivh
  4. JainasFrosties
  5. TheAshbringer
  6. TirionsWifi
  7. ArthasDidNothingWrong
  8. SylvanasWindrunner
  9. OrcsVsHumans
  10. MurlocNetwork
  11. DeathwingDestroyer
  12. GrommashsWarchiefWifi
  13. WoWThatWasEpic
  14. TheSonsOfLothar
  15. GarroshsKorKron
  16. VarokIsMyWarchief
  17. VolJinLivesOn
  18. LorThemarnasWifi
  19. ChensWanderingWifi
  20. MalfurionsTrees
  21. TyrandeWhisperNet
  22. AlleriaConnected
  23. LadyLiadrinsLight
  24. NazgrimRedeems
  25. AnduinForTheWin

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Funny and Meme-Worthy Warcraft Wifi Names

  1. LeroyJenkins
  2. MoreDotsMoreDots
  3. LegendsSayImBad
  4. OOMkin
  5. ProcMaster
  6. WarriorWeaponThrow
  7. BubbleHearth
  8. LeeroyYouMoron
  9. RogueStunlock
  10. PolymorphSheep
  11. LootTheHounds
  12. HuntersPetRanAway
  13. DidIStandInFire
  14. LaggingHard
  15. LinkAchievement
  16. GuildDrama
  17. AnalThunderfury
  18. ChuckNorrisofWoW
  19. HoggerRaidBoss
  20. LeeoryJenkinssWifi
  21. RedShirtGuyKnowsAll
  22. WarcraftCookbookRecipes
  23. SouthshoreVsTarrenMill
  24. CallingMrThunderfury
  25. AnalForTheChildren

Protect Your WiFi Network with Warcraft-Themed Passwords

Warcraft-Themed Wifi Network Names
  1. OrcPeonWorkWork
  2. DurotarDustwallow
  3. StormWind127
  4. OrgrimmarPride
  6. EluneLight456
  7. Deathwing123
  8. ArthasFrostmourne
  9. JainaProudmoore
  10. ThrallDoomhammer
  11. SylvanasBanshee
  12. AnduinLlane
  13. Turalyon776
  14. GuldanSkull
  15. GarroshPride
  16. VoljinShadows
  17. CairneBloodhoof
  18. SaurfangCleave
  19. BolvarFordragon
  20. MagniBronzebeard
  21. FalstadWildhammer
  22. VelenProphet
  23. GennGreymane
  24. TyrandeElune
  25. MalfurionCenarius

By the way, if you are into Warcraft Wi-Fi names, allow me to suggest some other similar, very cool fandom-based wifi names. So, do check out Funny Star Wars WiFi Names and Harry Potter Themed wifi Names.

Warcraft Wifi Names With Obscure References Only For True Fans

  1. CleaveSpecsOnly
  2. FlaskOrKick
  3. LeeroyJenkinsDorm
  4. HyperSpawnCamping
  5. AnalThunderfury
  6. HearthAndHome
  7. ChromaggusLair
  8. TeremusTheDevourer
  9. WhelpsHandleIt
  10. DeviateDelight
  11. CritsOver9k
  12. ZinrokhDestroyer
  13. MurlocNightcrawler
  14. SunwellPlataeu
  15. ScarabLordTitle
  16. ThoriumBrotherhood
  17. TinfoilHatTheories
  18. HarisPiltonsParty
  19. DirgeQuikcleave
  20. LinkenHeroic
  21. TossedSalad
  22. HauntedMemento
  23. TheLoveBoat
  24. JenkinsTitle
  25. TigoleBitties

Signing out πŸ‘‹

When it comes to movie-inspired WiFi names, Warcraft fans have endless options to show off their love for the epic fantasy game universe.

Not only can you pick a clever gaming reference as your main network name, but you can also secure your WiFi with strong Warcraft-inspired passwords.

Whether you go for major characters like Thrall or Sylvanas, famous cities, and zones like Orgrimmar or Elwynn Forest, or even super obscure references only diehard fans will understand, there are so many creative Warcraft wifi names to choose from.

So put your gamer knowledge to use and choose an epic Warcraft wifi name that fans will appreciate and outsiders will be puzzled by. Your love for the Heroes of Azeroth will be broadcast loud and clear across your neighborhood!

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