Nerdy WiFi Names are the best fit for all those who are characterized by an obsessive interest in something, especially technology. If you are a tech guy who is nerdish enough to find your default WiFi name boring than you are in the right place.

Our list of Best Geeky WiFi Names is all you need to show your neighbors how intelligent and knowledgeable you are. These Cool Wi-Fi Names will give your neighbors and friends an idea of your intelligence when your broadcast your WiFi SSID.

People tend to laugh when they find that you are using unfunny or crappy WiFi names for your network SSID. If you can use Cool & Funny Wi-Fi Names, then what is the point sticking to the default SSID name?Nerdy WiFi Names

I know it doesn’t matter a lot to everyone what they have set network SSID to. After going through our best Nerdy WiFi names you will surely change your mind.

This website is dedicated entirely to Funny WiFi router names. Browse all of our WiFi names categories to know more about different WiFi names that you can use for your Wireless router and Network SSID.

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Nerdy WiFi Names Collection For The Geeky Guys

If you want to communicate with other Nerds in your neighborhood, and want some attention than do try our Smart WiFi Names. Nerds within a 20-meter radius will guffaw greatly and envy your quality SSID.

Geeky WiFi SSID Names

Geeky WiFi Names List For The Geek Inside You

Smart WiFi Names

A Geeky Nerdy Creative & smart person is always in a thirst to find attention. They find attention by using their intelligence and showing people how clever they are. I have got your thirst covered. Have a look at our Nerdy WiFi Names chosen wisely just for you.

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Wrapping Up 🤓


I hope you like the list of 101+ Nerdy WiFi Names for your Wireless Network SSID. Use them as you wish. Do not forget to bookmark this page for a quick comeback if you want more WiFi names in the future.

Let the Nerd out of you, let it roar. I will be adding more WiFi names in the future for you guys. But I do need your support for that. You can support me by just sharing my site with your friends on Facebook or whatever social network you are on.

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